Ski Options and Rating System

It ain’t gonna drink itself.

Shotzski Skis

We have a huge inventory of new and used skis at World Headquarters! The website shows a good selection but limited room in the shopping cart (and time) doesn’t allow every ski in stock to be displayed! The warehouse normally has 500 – 700 skis in stock at any one time! Old school, antique, classics, twin tips 70’s, 80’s (think neon) race, powder, DH skis, snowboards, waterskis, just a bit of everything!

The Evil Elf and the Ninja Acquisition Team (NAT), are constantly scouring the country in their quest to save skis from the incinerator and landfills! We travel from ski area to ski area, research the internet, garage sales, second hand shops and whatever it takes to get the skis. Bottom line is that we’ll do whatever it takes to save these skis from a premature death! The skis need to get back in the game and out of the garage! Do your part and save a ski!

The EE Rating System

The Evil Elf has built a rating system which has allowed him to set a value on these finely crafted skis and boards! Please bear in mind that this rating system not approved by NASA, FAA or PSIA.
Works something like this:

Overall condition 1-10:

1 – A totally trashed stick with the base hammered, edges blown, top sheet delaminated and scratched to hell.
5 – A ski that has been used but not hammered (skied across the parking lot); it’s been scratched on the top sheet and the base shows a bit of wear and tear.
8 – A sweet ski that someone installed bindings on, skied to the bar and styled…y'all been there!
10 – Is a ski that is NIP that means NEW IN PLASTIC!

Unless the ski is very cool we try to stay at a 5 or better, but there are skis which rate way up on the coolness meter regardless of their condition.

The Coolness Meter

Ya need to factor in the “coolness” when talking about a Shotzski! A Shotzski screams cool all by itself, but for that extra :F@$#K YA – get the right stick! Now the right stick could be one you skied on back in the day, or one ya wanted spank the mountain with!

1-10 in Coolness Rating:

1 – Go build a fence with these dogs...hammered beyond repair!!
5 – Cool graphics, factor in the base color too, straight sticks, early shaped, etc.
8 – Hard to find, old, old school, sweet graphics and colors, got history, etc.
10 – Jerry Garcia Big Kahuna, The Ski, K2 Cheeseburger, 223 cm DH board, the Machete, you get the idea.

The Evil Elf checks each stick out, does an intense analysis and reaches a rating based on his personal opinion and if ya don’t like it, bite me!