In the dark and stormy winter of 2007, one of Santa's most mischevious elves became fed up with building wooden trinkets for all of the good little boys and girls around the world.  This elf desired to build a special toy for others around the world who may get in trouble from time to time, but still deserved a present they could enjoy with their friends. So this elf worked late into the night drinking, thinking, designing and building. He worked every night with no sleep and many drinks until he finished the very first ever ShotzSki. The elf was so incredibly happy with his new toy, and frankly rather drunk too, he just had to wake up the other elves and show them how the ShotzSki worked. They took Shotz after Shotz and had the best time into the wee hours of the morning - only for Santa to walk in on a workshop full of drunken elves. 

From then on the elf who created the ShotzSki was banned from the North Pole and given the name Evil Elf. The Evil Elf traveled long and far away from the only place he knew as home until he found a new place that loved to drink, ski, and get just as rowdy as he loved to do. Here in Sandpoint, Idaho Evil Elf has built his own workshop (even cooler then Santa’s ever was) and continues to work day and night, creating new versions of his original toy and sending ShotzSkis all over the world to both the good and naughty.