The Shotzski Boot

The boot design and creation was a challenge but so worth it! The ShotzSki boot is the foundation to the whole system. The designing, prototype testing and manufacturing took almost a full year. This effort is evident when you see the details this bad boy has!

Checkout the skill levels on the side (shown in clear & color options).

  • 1 oz. you're at the Circle...
  • 2 oz. now you're making it to the Square...
  • 3 oz. dang, you're at the Double Diamond!

The boot holds a max of 3 ½ oz so you got plenty of room for the Jagerbomb (if you ski, you understand)! The boot sports four buckles and the flex is 180, it’s a mini ski boot! The EE designed and manufactured the boot of PETG plastic which is a totally clear, damn near unbreakable, dishwasher safe, recyclable and USA made!