The Shotzski Selfie is here!

The Shotzski Selfie in red.

The Shotzski Selfie in red.

You may have seen them on your own ski hill at an apres party – or at a tailgating party – our P.R.D.T.  (People Really Drunk Team)  is spread worldwide and our field testing is taken very seriously– But the time is here for the official, public release of the Shotzski Selfie.

Road Monkey and Selfies

In six colors – the Selfie will match whatever badass outfit you are sportin’! A killer gift idea (once you have all six colors of your own) & pretty sweet to have your own bootto click into a well seasonedShotzski!  Double bonus – you can even roll with a shot in the boot, in case of an emergency! 

Do you live in Colorado?  Washington?  Are your stoner buddies so high from smokin’ the reefer that they won’t put the Doritos down long enough to get on the Shotzski anymore?  No problem – let them puff the ganja – you can throw down your shots, alone and in style!

Shotzski Selfie

Quit messin’ around!  Get your crew outfitted with Custom Shotzski Selfies.  You can gaper all you want on the hill – but ya gotta party like a pro!

Each Shotzski Selfie comes with a sweet Shotzski Lanyard & colored skill level SHOTZ Boot – 1 oz is Green Circle, 2 oz’s Blue Square & 3 oz’s look out – Double Black Diamond!

It ain’t gonna drink itself!

Shotzski Selfie Six Colors